Rieducazione funzionale

Functional re-education is a form of exercise dealing with control of posture, coordination, mobility and muscle tone. It enables victims of accidents or illness to overcome the most painful and clinically significant effects.

It is used to aid recovery from accidents, or to restore correct movement in those suffering orthopaedic, osteo-degenerative or rheumatic disease.

The aim is to improve the health and well-being of the whole individual, via appropriate exercises to train the muscles and address the particular sources of discomfort. In some cases exercise machines are used, but for many exercises, simple equipment or no equipment at all is required.

Functional re-education is appropriate for all who feel the need to restore their body's balance and harmony, who feel they are no longer in harmony with themselves, whether because of a specific physical condition (a bad back, neck pain, the effects of an injury) or for emotional reasons (stress, depression, insomnia). It is also suitable for athletes wishing to prevent the typical injuries of their specific sport, or to reduce the risk of further injury following an accident or surgery.