What is Pancafit Metodo Raggi?
It is a simple piece of equipment composed of adjustable boards, using the “radial method” to achieve both active and passive postural alignment. It works by elongating all the muscles of the body to obtain a well-balanced body and correct posture. Success requires the equipment to be used in an appropriate way. To make the most of Pancafit, a series of precisely-defined exercises and techniques are taught by a suitably qualified teacher. The method differs from traditional muscle stretching exercises. Instead, specific exercises target the muscular, fascial and connective chains and release the breathing, with the result that blocked or painful joints are freed up, and their mobility and function restored.
Pancafit is useful:
  • For those suffering disturbances of the spinal column (neck pain, back pain, scoliosis etc.) related to muscle tension, stress etc.
  • For teenagers with poor posture as a result of carrying heavy rucksacks or the long hours spent sitting in school and doing homework.
  • Older people who wish to remain active without overtiring or overstraining themselves.
  • Those suffering from poor circulation. Special postures can be used to treat venous and lymphatic congestion effectively.
  • Those wishing to improve their health by devoting a few minutes a day to a valuable, pleasant, and innovative anti-stress treatment.
  • All sportsmen and women, because a good posture enables optimal muscles function thus improving performance, and reducing the risk of injury.