What is Gyrotonic?
The Gyrotonic Expansion System® is a new system for exercising the muscles and mobilising the joints, based on the method invented by Juliu Horvath.

The system uses the principles of dance, yoga, tai-chi, swimming, and low-impact exercise to achieve well-functioning, integrated and interdependent muscle groups.

We use various machines specifically designed to exercise the human body in a constructive way, ensuring freedom of movement and individual versatility.

The movement is natural, with free, smooth spirals. There is constant conscious control of the joint movements. These are in general circular, so as to simulate the movements typical of both sport and everyday life, without altering the speed or effect.

Every exercise is synchronised with a specific pattern of breathing. Particular attention is paid to developing the functional capabilities of the spinal column. This leads to better balance in the upper body, which is thus less subject to injury.

Thanks to its versatility, the Gyrotonic Expansion System is currently used successfully throughout the worlds of dance, sport, and rehabilitation, for adults of all ages, to improve resistance, coordination and flexibility. It is also of extraordinary value for children and teenagers, for whom the exercises or particularly beneficial in such a key phase in their development.